Make a cup of tea. Relax & immerse...

At home with MY friendsA film collaboration with the talented and inspirational friend, photographer & director Ronan Mckenzie.

To start with we wanted to create a less than one minute short film to celebrate MARIEYAT's 5th Year, 5th collection. During the editing process, we had a change of mind.

As we were watching the 10 minutes' first cut, we found ourselves in silence and slipped into a relaxation mode as we were watching the flow of fluid movements by Wing and Chantel, Julie stretching in bed, Frankie knitting with her hands, Marie taking in a warm bath, the sweet moments of friends and family coming together, like Mopesola, Sharkkana, Tonique and Asia playing cards, Ronan embracing her Mamu Margaret... all synchronised with Boofti's beautiful soundtrack. Those were the moments we were all longing for last year, even now.

As spring approaches, I hope you are feeling positive with a burst of sunshine warming through your body. Take 10 minutes of the day and do something nice for yourself, be it observing the blooming flowers outside your window, a walk in the park, taking time to cook a nice meal, call your friends to check in or as simple as taking a nice deep breath. 

For now we invite you to make a cup of tea, relax and immerse in our film with the sound on. Enjoy this 'little nugget of purity' 
described by Director Ronan x 

Director : Ronan Mckenzie
Camera : DP Marcel Mckenzie, AC Rupert Peddle
Music Production & Edit : Marcel Mckenzie (Boofti) 
Make Up Artist : Mariko Hirano
Stills Photographer : Daphne Miller
'MY Swim Film' in Cinema Room : Romano Pizzichini

Appearances : Wing Yue Leung, Julie, Frankie Girling, Marie Lueder, Margaret Mckenzie, Ronan Mckenzie, Maria, Mopesola, Asia, Sharkkana, Tonique Sewell, Chantel Foo, Gwyneth Tang, Wenchu Ye, Cece Di Paolo, Treeney Harkin, Shanice Bryce

Special thanks to : Julie, Cece, Matthew