Collection VI Look Book


The Lightness of Memories ;

blurry, dreamlike with humidity,

that comes with a mild heartache.

Twitches slightly every time when the waves wash over her legs.

Once her heart was torn into pieces,

slowly healing.

A solo trip to the seaside ;

Raw slit on her swimsuit in

the shades of Emerald Green, Sand, Limonata and Black

Adjusting the straps on her swim top

Ready for a new dawn.



MARIEYAT Collection VI Look Book 

Photography by Bennie Julian Gay

Art Direction by Vanessa Minshull

Model : Wenchu Ye


We started working on the collection at the beginning of Spring 2019. Our original plan was to launch the collection earlier this year in January to our stockists and the online store. However, things didn't go as planned due to the global pandemic, which has also affected our manufacturing plans. The collection you see now is a much smaller edition with limited units. I am grateful for our swimwear manufacturer pushed through for us, and our stockists that have honoured their orders. 

As we will be sharing more of the beautiful images collaborated with photographer Bennie Julian Gay, you will see some styles or colourways that didn't go into production. If you feel very strongly about these items, please reach out and we'd like to re-make them in the future. 

All product images you see on this website is shot by MY wonderful friend and long time collaborator Ronan Mckenzie. 

Special Thanks to :
Cecilia Di Paolo, Shanice Bryce, Sylvia Chu, Julie Daled & On Tokyo Showroom 

I hope you enjoy the collection and the look book. X