MY Archive Sale for Solace Women's Aid

COVID-19 has suddenly and forever changed the world, deeply impacting people's lives as we are all playing our part in society by staying at home. 

Unfortunately not everyone can stay safe at home. Earlier last month, we organised an Archive Sale on the website to raise funds for Solace Women’s Aid. 100% sales of the archive sale items will go to the London-based aid currently in need of financial support to continue to help those women and children in need.

“For many
 women home is a place of abuse and violence and for the prospect of staying at home for a long period leads to worry and fear for the women and children we support.” - Solace Women’s Aid

The team and I are so very grateful for every one of you who took part in the Archive Sale. In a very short 3 days time, we have sold over 50 items and raised over £1000 for the charity. The total amount had been donated to the charity. 

Our friends Ronan Mckenzie, Kepler London, Moya Jewellery and Samuel Gui Yang have also been raising money for the London based aid.

Inspired by MY dear friend Ronan Mckenzie, who was selling a special run of prints. She has chosen one of my personal favourite images : MARIEYAT on Holiday. An image that happened totally unexpected, which is always the best. 

If you would like to make a donation or learn more about Solace Women's Aid, please head over to their website for more details. [ ]

Take care. X


Photo credit : MARIEYAT on Holiday with Treeney, Shanice, Maria & Ronan by Ronan Mckenzie