''What's for lunch ?'' A question often being asked at the MARIEYAT studio. So here I'd like to share Cece's Green Pesto recipe with you. 


1 clove of Garlic (maybe 2 cloves if we don't have any meetings after :P) 
A generous bunch of Basil Leaves
A handful of Spinach
A handful of Pine Nuts
A thumb size of Parmesan Cheese ( feel free to substitute with Vegan Cheese) 
3 table spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


Chop everything into small pieces. Put the dry and wet ingredients into the blender. Depending on your personal taste, you can blend it till its very smooth or with a little bit of crunch. Season the pesto with salt and pepper after. 

Usually we will have a pot of pasta boiling while Cece does the pesto. So feel free to try that with pasta or toast. 


Buon appetito :)